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  • Tejs Vegge (@TVegge)


    Our call for outstanding postdocs for the @BIGMAP_EU project closes soon. Great opportunity to work with leading European experts in #batteries #AI #compchem #materials #Discovery #GreenRecovery @2030Battery @DTUtweet @DTUEnergy @FutureTechEU @MICleanEnergyRD QT @TVegge (Tejs Vegge) Looking for two exceptional computational postdocs for the @BIGMAP_EU project. Help us reinvent the way we invent batteries for the #GreenRecovery 🔋 @DTUEnergy @2030Battery @FutureTechEU @MICleanEnergyRD #batteries #AI #compchem https://t.co/pQjyvHNjcg

  • Marcel Bogers (@Bogers)


    RT @TUeEAISI: EAISI general manager @carlovdweijer talks about #AI beyond algorithms in the latest Sound of Science podcast @TUEindhoven. An interesting conversation (in Dutch) about Maslow, the dangers of AI, robot soccer and the AI song contest. https://t.co/ueUwVhsLY6

  • Jesper Lund (@je5perl)


    RT @je5perl: @decodedlegal Besides the odd mention of #AI for age verification, the other ICO suggestion of "third party age verification services" seems to rest on an assumption that someone else than the controller has magically solved a problem, for which no good technical solution currently exists.

  • Anja Hoffmann (@AnjaHoffmann)


    The challenges & opportunities in Industry 4.0 - A Call to Action! https://t.co/qoXdudatX3 #4ir #innovation Thanks to @Kweku_OA #ai #automation

  • Anja Hoffmann (@AnjaHoffmann)


    Faced with a shortage of technical talent?  @Microsoft, @Amazon, and @Google have all released premade drag-and-drop or no-code AI tools that allow people to integrate #AI into applications without needing to know how to build #ML models. https://t.co/Gfrx2H6UdW #DataScience

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