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  • Lars Jørgensen (@DenEvigeEtter)


    @BorisJohnson saying #GetBrexitDone is as credible as when a used car salesman tells you, you are looking at a bargain. Britain has to choose between the blue pill and the red pill, both will result in diarrhea #brexit @bbcworld #pmdebate

  • Jon Worth (@jonworth)


    🤦‍♂️ Oh f off, Johnson Your #Brexit we *know* has a massive negative hit on GDP There is no way you have any economic credibility whatsoever #LeadersDebate

  • Jon Worth (@jonworth)


    Johnson, you have not got a *clue* how much debt you will rack up - because you don't know how Brexit will go. Oh and ratings agencies have downgraded the UK's rating due to #Brexit. #LeadersDebate

  • Marlene Wind (@MwiWind)


    John Major: #brexit is the worst foreign policy decision in my lifetime: it is time to vote with your head as well as your heart https://t.co/pXp55REuCh

  • Niclas Aa #FBPE 🇩🇰🇬🇧🇪🇺 🇸🇪🇨🇦 (@niclasaa)


    RT @SueScarrott: Another one bites the dust "The lead #Brexit envoy in the UK’s embassy in Washington has resigned, saying she can no longer “PEDDLE HALF-TRUTHS” on behalf of political leaders she does not trust." #BorisTheLiar #GeneralElection2019 https://t.co/1luqTLkoqb

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