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  • Suzanne Brøgger (@Suzannebroegger)


    RESPECT QT @TheElders (The Elders) Let us work together across the generations to demand bold & decisive #climateaction. https://t.co/6ulHgQisvv

  • Brian Vad Mathiesen (@BrianVad)


    RT @floodsg: Today Ireland launched its #ClimateAction Plan https://t.co/XlhOIhLWde It presents significant ambition - 183 actions, with steps necessary for delivery, including the Establishment of a Climate Action Delivery Board in the Department of the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) https://t.co/z2H8tGfPD7

  • Brian Vad Mathiesen (@BrianVad)


    RT @Orsted: Green energy is cheaper than black. Join us and @ClimateGroup at #ClimateWeekNYC in September to discuss #ClimateAction and how to do more #GreenEnergy: https://t.co/s7rkC9Ms5d

  • Inger Andersen (@andersen_inger)


    An inspiring day one with @UNEnvironment colleagues around the 🌍 Each one of us has signed up for the job we do because we want to re-write the story of planetary stress. I look forward to all that we will achieve together! #ClimateAction https://t.co/3bIZGgbm9h

  • Nikolaj L. Svensson (@SvenssonNikolaj)


    Thanks 🙏 Also look forward to hearing Roberto’s insights at @RES4Africa Annual Conference “Overcoming #Africa’s Energy Access Gap” on Wednesday 19 June at @sheratonhotels Hotel, #AddisAbaba 🇪🇹 #ClimateAction QT @RES4Africa (RES4Africa Foundation) 🇪🇹#RES4AfricaFoundation Secretary General Roberto Vigotti at first "#Ethiopia #Water and #Energy Week" (#EWEW) presenting our latest deliverables: "What does it take" study, #renewAfrica and "Africa's Future Counts", 2019 flagship publication to be presented at #RES4AfricaAC19 https://t.co/my32MnTDGb

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