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  • Hans Christian Jensen (@HansChristianJ8)


    RT @HolocaustMuseum: In the Theresienstadt ghetto—established #OTD in 1941—Jewish prisoners received meager rations. Using a secret code, Hilde Gutfreund wrote to her sister, Renée, in Vienna asking her to send food. Hilde and her son, Kurt, survived. https://t.co/HUxkmsJ8v0

  • Matthias Bjørnlund, timesplainer (@matthias_bj)


    RT @ipngovpl_eng: 🗓#OTD in 1932 a non-aggression pact was ratified between the Republic of Poland and the Soviet Union. The pact was broken on 17 Sept. 1939 when the USSR, without a declaration of war, attacked Poland at the time of the III Reich aggression.📷German and Soviet troops near Stryj. https://t.co/lejwmOibIz

  • Gitte Løyche (@GitteLoeyche)


    RT @ShakespeareRes: Nov 26, 1607: King Lear is entered into the Stationer's Register in London. #OTD #Shakespeare https://t.co/QXlHop27aI https://t.co/73CzGzNo6L

  • Teodora Hansen (@teodora_hansen)


    Don't kid yourself. The day is near, when you will have to follow their example. QT @wrkclasshistory (Working Class History) #OtD 25 Nov 1941 3 Schlurfs were arrested by the Gestapo in Austria for destroying a Hitler Youth noticeboard. The Schlurfs were working-class youths who rejected Nazism, militarism and the work ethic, and listened to jazz and swing music. https://t.co/tkYhXnbxIj

  • John Olsen (@john1966olsen)


    RT @mfa_russia: 📅 #OTD in 1942, the squadron #NormandieNiemen, the only air unit of the union of a foreign state that fought as part of the Red Army, was created. 🇫🇷 French aces won 869 air battles and shot down 273 nazi aircraft. #WeWereAllies 🔗 https://t.co/WXkDZMYFPq https://t.co/RnpaGfNrrl

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